Ekartpartner Login: A Comprehensive Guide


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Known About Ekartpartner Login 

Ekart Partner Logistics is the most popular supply chain company in India. Numerous courier services, such as same-day delivery, guaranteed delivery within a day, payment upon delivery, etc., are provided by Ekart Logistics. Reputably, it consistently offers excellent courier services.

A growing number of businesses and enterprises are collaborating as a result of EKart’s supply chain services. This well-known logistics firm has an enticing franchise program that is very beneficial to both franchise owners and business owners.

You’ve made the ideal decision if you’re considering becoming a delivery partner because Ekart is among the most trustworthy and secure courier service franchisors in India.

Eligibility Criteria for Ekart Partner Logistics

Any Indian person may apply to become an Ekart Partner Login(ईकार्ट पार्टनर लॉगिन). It is not necessary to have specialist expertise or advanced education. If you were aware of the key processes and responsibilities in logistics, it would help you run your business.

It is also expected of you to be fully dedicated to our Ekart delivery service. A franchise owner must appoint employees who possess the necessary skills to handle any delivery-related issues. Any company’s ability to succeed comes from its dedication to hard work.

Step for Ekartlogistics partner.com

If you want to enjoy all the features of the portal you need to make sure that you login into the portal. Follow the given below steps:-

  • The first step is to register by sending your credentials to the official email address, admenquiry@flipkart.com.
  • Within ten to twenty minutes, a representative from Flipkart will answer. They check your information to get ready for the next action.
  • After receiving the response, click the email’s link to register.
  • Visit the Ekartlogistics partner.com.
    page at this time.
  • Finally, after entering your username and password, click the login button.

How does Ekart Partner Center Give Franchise?

Some requirements must be fulfilled for an individual to become an Ekart Partner Center Franchisee. The first and most crucial thing that everyone interested in buying an Ekart Courier dealership has to know is that being an Ekart Logistics franchisee does not need filling up and submitting an application.

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When it comes to dealership-related issues, Ekart Courier is rather stringent. The corporation does not wish to make any information about the selection process for its dealership partners available to the general public.

Ekart seeks business partners that have demonstrated a dedication to the company and timely delivery. A candidate can only be taken into consideration for an Ekart business if they have finished a certain number of other tasks.

The Requirement to Apply for Ekart Partner Center Login

If you want to take the Franchise of the Ekart partner then you need to meet certain criteria. Below is the list of criteria:-

  • Computers are used by the logistics company Ekart Partner to run every part of their business. The procedure of gathering and distributing usually takes place following the receipt of the orders. A workstation with a few computers for the same needs to have enough space, depending on the franchise type and territory size.
  • Since it’s a business, this also contains the owner’s identifying documents, such as their driver’s license or Aadhar card. A leasing agreement for the space being used, or evidence of ownership, is also required by the firm.
  • The office should only select a small number of the 10 to deal with computerized data. The others must be in good physical and mental health to carry out their duties and deliver packages all day.
  • The requirements for a logistics company are the same as those for any other company. Among the things that must be supplied are cargo, bar code readers, cars for transportation, corporate stickers, printers, stationary stock, and tools for vehicle maintenance and inspection.
  • In addition, a substantial sum of money is required for additional costs like setting up the office and facility, purchasing and keeping the cars, and covering the hourly, daily, and monthly wages of the employees.

Why to Choose Ekart Logistics Franchise

Given below are the steps that justify why you need to choose the Ekart Logistics:-

  • The fact that beginning an Ekart Courier firm usually doesn’t involve a big financial investment is another advantage for a franchisee who invests in Ekart Logistics.
  • Modern technology, such as automated system maintenance, is used by the company, leaving minimal room for error.
  • The company offers assistance to franchisees seeking help opening an Ekart Courier franchise.
  • The company requires the franchisor to finish a training course. This is done to provide the franchisee time to acquire the skills and setup required to effectively run the Ekart dealership location.

Advantages of Using the Ekart Franchise

Given below is the list of advantages that the Ekart Franchise offers to the user:-

  • Ekart is a fantastic choice if you want to enter the field of e-commerce logistics. One of the biggest and most reputable logistics companies in India, they might be able to assist you with the initial steps of their franchising program.
  • You’ll be connected to a respectable and well-known business.
  • With Ekart’s wide network of delivery partners, you will have access to a range of shipping options.
  • You will get access to the newest technology and training via Ekart Logistics.
  • You can be certain that you’re receiving the best advice and support possible because Ekart has a wealth of experience in the logistics industry.
  • You’ll get help from an experienced staff to grow your business.
  • A framework will be in place to assist you as your business grows.
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Disadvantages of Using the Ekart Logistics Franchise

Despite its advantages over other franchise models, the Ekart franchise concept is not novel for the reasons listed below.

  • Sadly, the firm website has no formal information about the franchising plan.
  • As a result, those who want to own a Flipkart logistics franchise are unsure of what they need to do next.
  • For an Ekart franchise, their only responsibility is to deliver Flipkart shipments. They are therefore unable to develop and raise their revenue there.
  • A Flipkart shipping franchise is reliant on Flipkart for shipments as it is unable to pursue its commercial expansion.
  • Walk-in customers cannot place package orders for courier delivery through a Flipkart logistics franchise. They thus forfeit the opportunity to increase their income.
  • The way Flipkart performs will determine the fate of an Ekart franchise. If Flipkart succeeds, the franchisee will as well; if Flipkart fails, the franchisee will also fail.


Investing in an Ekart Partner company is a very wise choice. With Flipkart and Ekart Logistics’ combined goodwill, there is extremely little likelihood that the business will be in debt. Any investor may easily comprehend the terms and invest in the franchise thanks to the straightforward terms and conditions. Establishing a shipping franchise is often quite profitable and a wise business move, particularly given Flipkart’s other e-commerce companies’ ongoing growth. To sum up, Ekart Logistics is one of the greatest courier service franchises to deal with right from the start.


Does Flipkart own Ekart?

The parent firm is Flipkart, which also owns and controls Ekart.

How do I get a franchise for delivery?

If you are considering becoming a franchise owner, you are essentially aspiring to launch a logistics and courier company. You can get inspiration for starting your own service from well-known businesses like DTDC and Blue Dart, among others. Additionally, you must apply on their official website if you intend to enroll at Flipkart. 

Are franchisees for Ekart Logistics profitable?

The management is solely responsible for the profit, regardless of whether you want to register as an Ekart franchise or launch your own business. Additionally, there is unquestionably a large profit margin if you own an Ekart franchise. 


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